Promotional Letter Opener, Clip box,YB-2404,YB-2501,YB-2504,YB-2505
Efficiently opens letters and packages with its protected stainless steel blade.
Slim size takes up little space on a desk top or in a drawer.
Perfect for delivery services, shipping and receiving departments, receptionist desks and more.
Screen Sweep Letter Opener Combo,YB-2504
To avoid having so many tools lying around, you can get this three-in-one combo.
The plastic tool functions as a computer keyboard duster, a computer screen sweeper and a letter opener.
A great gift or promotional idea for any work or home office!
Promotional office supplies are a thoughtful gesture to support your clients' work-related needs. Impress them by decorating and organizing their work space. Successful businesses are a labor of love, and busy workers need help staying organized, focused, and motivated ¨C and logo office supplies help them to do just that.


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